This is a page where I keep pictures of characters I have played in different larps or fun outfits I have made as well as props and makeup. The purpose is to provide inspirational pictures. If there is any piece of clothing you are wondering how to make, please leave a comment and I will consider writing a tutorial or give instructions in some other way. All locations are in Finland unless otherwise mentioned.

I include notes of how much the outfits have cost, just to give a pointer as to how much you might expect. Some things you can get for nothing, some things will inevitably cost more. Making a whole new set of larp clothes plus props will always be more expensive than building a well stocked wardrobe over time. Here are some tips for keeping costs down:

  1. Borrow from friends and other larpers. If you need a certain piece of clothing or a certain prop you might be able to borrow it from someone.
  2. Renting might be an option for things you will only use once and that are too expensive or time consuming to make yourself.
  3. Swapping is a good option if you have something you don’t need anymore or that you feel it is time to pass on to someone else. Why not host a swapping party?
  4. Thrift stores and flee markets are great places to find little odds and ends that might be useful to you. The best things I’ve found so far include an old military rucksack and a wooden hat bag. Shoes, cups and containers are other things I usually find often, as well as jewelry and other things that can be taken apart to be used as materials.
  5. Reuse and repurpose things that you already own, or mod them to suit the larp you are going to. There are tons of options for this and only your imagination sets the limit.
  6. Make things instead of buying them ready made. If you have the skill for this or are willing to learn then making things yourself will always be cheaper (albeit more time consuming) than readily made merchandise. This will also assure you have a unique object.
  7. If you need to order items online, check with friends if you could place a shared order. That will keep the shipping a bit cheaper.
  8. Plan your costume in as much detail as possible before buying anything. This will help you to buy only what you need and not end up with a dozen items you won’t use.
  9. Keep an inventory of your larp items, or go through them from time to time to check what you might want to get rid of and what might need maintenance.
  10. Take good care of your clothes and props. Needless to say, they will last longer if you show them a little love.


Ivina Shalidor

Larp: När Världen Rämnar – Lågornas Dans

Where, when: June 2014, Fagerbacka Fäbodsställe, Pedersöre


More pictures: eloria.fi/galleri/2014/lagornas-dans/

Pictures taken by: Linn Wilhelmsson and Zacharias Holmberg

Character: Duchess Ivina Shalidor of Wor’issa was travelling undercover with the Prince of Wor’issa who’s queen (Ivina’s twin sister) had been murdered. They were on a personal vendetta to find the assassin and get some answers as to why the murder had taken place. During the larp the two got married as a means to safeguard the succession of the throne of Wor’issa but were betrayed by their lifeguard and murdered in their wedding bed.

Dress: The layer closest to the skin was the lavender coloured kimono-inspired wrap around tunic. I used sleeve garters to puff up the sleeves. There Under the black jacquard skirt is a Victorian bustle to provide the dress some volume and shape. The blue layered skirt is made from curtain fabric (because it was the only material available in the correct colours) and trimmed with gold trimmings. The belt is also made from curtain fabric found at the local store. The shawl is one I’ve had in my closet for quite some time. I built cones out of cardboard, covered them with fabric and fastener them to a tiara in order to support the shawl.

Cost: Around 50€. This is probably among the cheaper outfits I’ve made because I had some of the material at hand and I could reuse some things from my wardrobe. I also aimed at keeping the cost down and make so with what I already had. I also got some fabric (the blue velvet) from a friend. The most expensive part was probably the gold trimming and the teal curtain fabric (found at IKEA). The coloures of Wor’issa were green and blue and our group managed to work very well with the colourscheme. I didn’t have much time to make the outfit because I was extremely busy that summer, so I consider much of the outfit pure improvisation.


Master of interrogation Zoraya and scar makeup

Larp: Månborgen

When, where: March 2014, Jakobstad

Scarring Zoraya

More pictures: eloria.fi/galleri/2014/manborgen/

Pictures taken by: Jacob Åberg

Makeup: Scarring and bruising on the back of a prisoner. This was made with latex and supracolor. It is my first attempt at this kind of makeup and I must say I was very pleased by the results.

This was a larp in which one of the themes was to explore the abuse prisoners might endure from their captors (as we so often see in them movies).

Character and outfit: My character was the master of interrogation, Zoraya, a Gary knight and dragon rider. She despised physical abuse and torture, thinking it barbaric and providing weak results. Instead she was proficient at telling whether someone was lying, and at bending them to her will. The outfit for Zoraya was a mishmash of what I happened to have in my wardrobe. A grey long dress, a dark green overdress and a dark purple skirt, here used as a cape.

Cost: Nothing. I happily managed to use things I already owned.


Quartermaster Rania Remoux

Larp: Mörka Stigars Ände

When, where: August 2013, Purmo, Pedersöre


More pictures: See the header image and check out the gallery here: eloria.fi/galleri/2013/aea/expeditionen.php

Pictures taken by: Jacob Åberg

Character: Rania Remoux was the quartermaster of an expedition to find a lost lord in orch territory. She had a long military background but had never found peace in war. Therefore she saw the opportunity to find purpose in her trade with this expedition. She was a smart leader, but a troubled soul who lived to redeem herself in the eyes of the gods.

Clothing: The shirt was one I found at a flea market ages ago but never got to use until now. The cloak is one I had made a few years back but refashioned for this larp to be worn the way it is shown in the picture. The tabard and pants (not shown) were newly made for this larp. The hat I bought online.

Armor: This was my first attempt at making a leather armor. Considering the very slight knowledge I have on the subject I am rather pleased with how it turned out. I learned a lot in the process. The leather is riveted in some places and bound with leather straps in some. Very light weight, but providing good protection against foam weapons.The chest piece is fastened at the sides by straps, and the rest of the pieces are clasped and tied into place.

Weapons: All weapons were foam weapons. I borrowed and dagger, rented the sword shown above, and made one dagger and the glave shown in the header picture. The dagger and glave were the first foam weapons I’ve made, and as with the armor I was very pleased with them.

Cost: Around 200€. The part which cost the most in this outfit was probably the armor. The leather was around 80 euros plus rivets, clasps and other fastenings. It also took a lot of time to make. Including designing and redesigning, drawing patterns and actually building the armor and fixing the parts that did not fit properly, I would say it took around two weeks of active work to build (I don’t remember exactly, but this project ate work hours like mad). Even if it is cheaper to make your own armor I would suggest buying a ready made one if you want to save time and nerves. I had not foreseen how long it should take to make so I finished the final touches the day before the larp (which is not recommendable). I will probably build armor again at some point, but not very soon.

Additional notes: Listen to the music on the larp’s media bank. Niclas Buss made awesome theme music for the larp.


 Bountyhunter Veneros/Venessa

Larp: Drakmåne

When, where: The Mill at Stinasholman, Purmo


More pictures: eloria.fi/galleri/2013/drakmane/

Picture taken by: Jacob Åberg

Character: Veneros, or as her real name was, Venessa, was a maid turned bounty hunter after a near fatal beating at the place she used to work at. She fled her life, presenting herself as a man in order to gain more freedom in the patriarchal society she lived in.

Outfit: Brown linen pants (borrowed), white shirt, dark blue tabard, cloak and hood. The tabard, cloak and hood were made for an other larp but I reused them for this larp. The weapons and shoes I also borrowed from a friend.

Cost: As I managed to borrow and reuse everything I needed this did not cost me anyhting for this larp. The tabard, cloak and hood originally required about 3 meters of fabric and cost around 20 euros.

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