No Man’s Land: Pirates

So yesterday we published info on the clothing styles of the pirates of Gokra, on of the player groups at the upcoming larp No Man’s Land. The post can be read in Swedish here. I just wanted to share the consept art for the Gokran clothing.

Gokran pirates

Gokran pirates


And that is all for today. On Sunday (24.4.2016) we will publish the concepts for the third and last culture of the larp and I will link you to that post as well. After that I will start working on patterns and instructions for making clothes for that specific larp. The patterns will also work for other larps so I will work on translating everything to English and publishing them here also.

Concept art for No Man’s Land

The work on the lart No Man’s Land (Ingenmansland) is progressing. We held the first workshop for the larp at the beginning of April with great success. Today the first concept pictures for the larp were published. They depict a Delanjan Alchemist, a nobleman and an assassin. The purpose of them is to showcase different styles of clothing worn by different people. The inspiration for the clothing style is a mix of Renaissance and Victorian fashion.


The Alchemist

The academic work is very important in Delanja, the search of knowledge seen as something sacred. Academics usually wear long robes as a status symbol for not having to do manual work. This Alchemist wears a yellow ochra dress, a green doublet and a purple robe. The higher her rank the more decorated or richer the fabric would be, probably a heavy brocade. The book is her manual of alchemical formulas and in her left hand she holds a bottle of luminescent liquid.

Delanjan Alchemist

Delanjan Alchemist


The Nobleman

The nobleman is dressed in knee long pants and a long-hemmed doublet over a ruffled shirt. He wears a leather chest piece and a short cape. On his chest is a Delanjan crest, and he wields a rapier: Probably in the middle of instructing younger noblemen and -women in the art of fencing.

Delanjan Nobleman

Delanjan Nobleman


The Assassin

Spies and assassins in Delanja work at the command of the Queen, but have a lot of leeway. Practical clothing is of key essence, but as usual in Delanja, everything has to be stylish.

Delanjan Assassin

Delanjan Assassin


The first two pictures are inked and then coloured on the scetching program on my phone (I decided to try something new). The picture of the assassin is a pencil drawing with some added textures (using GIMP). So a lot of first tries to me.

I will be drawing more concept art for Delanja during the spring as well as other concept art for No Man’s Land. Mor info about Delanjan clothing can be found here (in Swedish).


How to sleep comfortably at larps

This upcoming weekend I am going to a medival fantasy larp in Vörå. I will spend two nights in the forest with my fellow larpers. Sleeping at larps has always been kind of an issue for me because I get cold very easily. And for some reason it has taken me a long time to understand how to sleep in the forest without freezing.

So this post will be dedicated to sleeping gear at larps, exempting tents, tarps or the like. I will focus on the blankets etc. that you might be wanting to use. Of course, what you bring with you to sleep in will be dependent on where/how you will sleep.

When I started larping I used too few blankets, had wet feet, got harassed by mosquitoes, had too few blankets again. In the beginning I didn’t have too much money to spend on medieval(ish) camping gear, but over the years I have accumulated some very useful items. My sleeping gear consists of:

  • A camping mattress to isolate from the cold if there will be no other material available. this is easy to disguise with fabric. Sew a bag that fits the mattress. Make it so that you can remove the fabric afterward and wash it.
  • Two sheep skins. These isolate warmth very well and are a wonder to sleep on. But they are a hassle if they get wet and they take up quite a lot of space.
  • Two thick blankets. One is an old army blanket and it is wonderfully warm. The second one is an old blanket I found at our summer cabin. It has been mended many times.
  • For real cold nights I bring a modern sleeping bag that I just cover with my blankets.
  • I also use my cloak as a blanket when I sleep.

Other things to think about when sleeping outdoors:

  • Wear something on your head when you sleep. A lot of body heat escapes through your head some keeping it in is always good. I usually use a long, cotton wrap that I can wrap around my head and neck. It also protects wonderfully against mosquitoes.
  • Dry, warm feet are a true blessing. Keep an extra set of dry socks with you and a pair (or two) of woolen socks to sleep in.
  • Dry clothes to sleep in are a must if there is a chance for rain at the larp.
  • Bring an extra woolen shirt to wear while sleeping on cold weather.
  • It is a good idea to wear many thin layers. Many thin layers give you the opportunity to dress down if you get too hot and preserve warmth better than few thick layers.

Think about where you will sleep: Under bare sky, in a tent or in some kind of building. Some larps require your sleeping gear to look authentic. However, I feel that no matter how historically correct your sleeping gear is required to be it should not hinder you from sleeping comfortably. There are many ways you can sleep more comfortably and only you will know exactly how well you manage in those specific circumstances. Finding out what works for you is a process of trial and error.

Remember: A cold, tired larper is a bad larper. If you can’t sleep because you are cold your day is going to be ruined. So take care when packing for your night(s) out in the forest.

Take care and sleep tight!



Upcoming larp and clothing concept

This summer will mark my tenth year as a larper. My first years of larping consisted of going to one larp a year. Then I moved away from home and also started writing my own larps. I’ve lost count of exactly how many larps I’ve been to, some have been bigger and longer than others. A big larp in my association, Eloria, is usually a weekend-larp with 30+ larpers. Eloria is a small association and perhaps a bit isolated. It is the only Swedish-speaking larp association in Finland. Each year about 6-7 larps are played, usually with at least on bigger larp in the summer. This July will see the larp Loc Sacru and will be different from earlier larps in the way thet the venue is in Pukkisaari in Helsinki. Usually Eloria larps have been somewhere in Ostrabothnia where most of the members also live.

I am still not entirely sure exactly what kind of character I’ll be playing, but I’m probably going to be in charge of making the food. This early on I can’t make any definite plans about my clothing but most likely I will sew new clothes. That is because most of my larp clothing consists of dark garments, leather armor or nobility clothing. The things I could use I have probably outgrown. So it’s time to think of something new.


This was a quick concept drawing of what I might make. I was thinking of a simple dress of linen of cotton, and a short-sleeved knee-length tunic to wear over it. I’m going to need to get some new shoes (or learn to make them, which would be an interesting project). I’m also going to need a new belt and some shawl to wrap around my head. I might reuse an old knee-length half circle cloak that I have, but somehow I feel like adding something green or brown to my wardrobe so I might also make a new cloak.

Seems like my project list is growing fast (which only makes me happy). I’ll try to post tutorials and patterns as I make these clothes, but first I should decide on the final design of the outfit.