Bow tie experiment

I have a few different projects that I’m working on at the moment. One of them is learning to make bow ties. I have a few Whovian friends and thought it would make a nice gift for them. So this is my first attempt at a sewing one and I must admit that it turned out rather nicely (especially since I have never tied a bow tie before). I will be trying this in more materials and I’ll probably try a few different patterns. I have one Edwardian bow tie pattern, but thought I’d start with something more modern (and probably easier to tie and shape).

So here is the result:


Never mind the ruddy hair. ;p

There are lots of patterns and instructions out on the net so I won’t repeat anything anyone else has already said. I used the pattern from this page (but pretty much ignored the instructions). I would say that choosing the correct size is the part that requires the most attention. I cut the fabric on the bias so as to make the bow tie behave better than if it were cut on the grain.┬áThe material I used is taffeta, with a cotton-backed fusible interfacing.

I’ll probably get back with some variations, and maybe even my own pattern (or at least tips and tricks for choosing fabrics, laying out pattern pieces, cutting and sewing).