First post in ages… and announcements

Hello crafty larpers!

I have not blogged in a very long time. So sorry about that. But I have exciting news:

Ingenmansland (No-mans land)
This is an upcoming larp for August 2016 that I will be co-writing with two friends. The genre is steampunk-inspired high fantasy and The larp will take place in Ostrabothnia in Finland. I will post more information as the webpage launches. We will also have a blog in Swedish but I will try to repost some of our posts here in English.

The planned series on making latex weapons had to be put on hold because of lack of materials, time and the loss of the workspace. Also. I noticed that the foam I was using was not optimal for the project. I will try to redo the series again at some point, maybe in the summer.

With hopes that you have had a relaxing and bright holiday season, and hopefully will have a happy new year!