Squirrel hood

I have a job which can provide quite interesting work tasks. One of our programs includes a squirrel costume, and as the one we have is new but does not come with a hat or hood, we have been using the old hood. This, however has been in desperate need of repairs (and washing). So... Continue Reading →


Late summer haul

As autumn arrives I always find myself reaching for my knitting tools, and usually I end up buying something new. I have been knitting a lot more than usual this past year as well, mostly socks, so I find myself in need of a new challenge. So here are the items I got last week:... Continue Reading →

Simple baggy pants

Need to make a pair of trousers for an upcoming larp? Here is a simple tutorial of how to do so. Following the instructions you will get a pair of poofy and comfortable trousers. Materials and measurements Fabric (the length of your trousers + the poof + SM) Matching thread Measuring tape Pins + 2... Continue Reading →

The cost of costumes

So let's face it: larping is a hobby that can be quite costly. A larp might have a fee or it might be free of charge, but even if there is no fee for attending that larp it will still cost money. There is travel costs, food and of course the clothes and props we... Continue Reading →

Mask it!

Here's a simple project for those of you who need your larp characters to wear masks but want to be able to hide your faces without being too obvious about putting on impractical masks. This is also a great idea for keeping your breath warm during cold weather larping. You can use left over fabric... Continue Reading →

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