I’m a Fenno-Swedish seamstress and larper. Sewing and different forms of crafts have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve been larping since 2003, mostly at larps made by Finlands Svenska Rollspelsförening Eloria rf. (the Fenno-Swedish larp association Eloria), but occasionally also elsewhere.

This blog is going to be all about larping, and mostly about sewing and crafting for larps. I will provide patterns and tutorials for clothing and other useful things for larps, general tips and ideas. I will also try to make the blog quite picture heavy, especially tutorials. All pattern and tutorial posts can be found alphabetically on the pattern page.




The header image is from the larp Mörka stigars ände (lit. At the end of dark paths) which was played in August 2013. My character was the quartermaster Rania Remoux. More pictures from the larp can be found here. The outfit (except for the hat) and the glave are made by me (the other latex weapons I borrowed from friends). The armor was my first attempt at leather crafting and the glave is only the second ever latex weapon I’ve made, and the first of this size. I’ll provide more pictures of these later on. The header picture was taken by Jacob Åberg.


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