Late summer haul

As autumn arrives I always find myself reaching for my knitting tools, and usually I end up buying something new. I have been knitting a lot more than usual this past year as well, mostly socks, so I find myself in need of a new challenge. So here are the items I got last week:

I received some goods from Vena Cava Design in England. I have been buying corset materials from them since 2007.

  • Black and green spot broche. This is a fabric I have used before and it is lovely for corsetry. The colour of this one is fabulous with its pale green dots and will make a pretty corset.
  • An assortment of wide flat steel corset bones. I will be trying these out in a few new corsets that I am planning on making.
  • Lacing strip. This is something I have been wanting to try for ages. It has pre-sewn boning channels on either side of the eyelets and can be sewn directly onto a corset. I will be using it mostly for mockups.
  • Prym 5 mm eyelets in a package of 500. This is not in the picture because I forgot it. 500 eyelets sounds like a lot but it is ten times cheaper for me to order them in bulk than to run to the store each time I run out.
  • Pin-up Girls’ Freedom Corset pattern by Beverly Johnson. I mostly draft my own patterns but I have heard good things about this one. A review will surely follow once I get around to making this.
  • Butterick’s Gauntlet, water bottle carrier and pouches pattern set. This caught my eye and I decided to order it. I will try to make each bag and then give a review. I have also seen at least one of the bags pictured on the pattern envolope marketed in online larp stores before so I am curious about it.

That was everything from Vena Cava Design. Next on to knitting stuff. Like I said earlier I want new knitting challenges so I will try to knit a striped skirt. I hate boring knitting projects so I really hope I will have the patience to finish this one.

  • 6 bolts of Novita Knits’ Nalle yarn. These will make the skirt and a matching pair of knee-high socks.
  • One set of 3,5 mm cable knitting needles 60 cm long and one 80 cm long.


Finally the books and magazine that I got. And of course the knitting theme continues with these.

  • Novita’s latest knitting catalogue (3/2017). This is where the skirt pattern that I will use comes from. There are some other inspiring patterns here as well.
  • A Handknit Romace – 22 vintage designs with lovely details by Jennie Atkinson. A friend of mine had this book and it inspired me to the degree that I decided to get it for myself. I cannot wait to delve into it.
  • Last but not least I got a book that contains fashion prints from Harper’s Bazar: Victorian Fashions & Costumes from Harper’s Bazar 1867-1898. This will be a treasure trove for me as I adore this era of fashion.

Now as the nights grow longer and darker and the weather colder I will enjoy sewing and knitting more. I will post progress pictures and reviews as I get around to making them. I also have a rearrangement of my fabric storage and larp gear coming up so there is always lots to be done.

Until next time, be well!



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